• Limited Edditon Giclee Prints

    These prints are all hand-finished by me with ink details and metallic gold paint highlights. They are numbered and signed. A very special edition to have in your home.

    Find these prints here

  • Stickers

    These stickers are printed on durable, high opacity adhesive vinyl which ensures there are no bubbles when applying the stickers. great for decorating water bottles and candles, and even to display as mini prints

    Find stickers here

  • Originals and Commissions

    Coming soon will be a section on my store where I will sell original paintings. I am also open to commissions on a regular basis.

    Contact me at lindsayvanek.art@gmail.com about commissions

About the Artist

Hamilton visual artist Lindsay van Ekelenburg’s immediately recognizable body of work is a distinctive addition to the artistic landscape of illustration. Her unique style utilizes the softness of watercolour and ink line-work to explore a broad range of themes and subjects, frequently centring the everyday power and beauty of women and nature while imbuing these subjects with a soft touch of magic. Her mastery of capturing the tension between the world as we see it and the world of imagination sets her work apart. 

Lindsay has also done illustration and design work for many local bands, small businesses and NGOs in Ontario, including work with The Aids Network and Pride Hamilton organizations. She works hard to help promote and spread messages of inclusivity, diversity and positivity though her work, especially in the LGBT community. 

On her down time, she can often be spotted sitting out under a tree,
drawing all the life that surrounds her, longing to capture the feeling
of nostalgia of growing up in Muskoka.

For inquiries into original art for sale or commissions, contact Lindsay directly at lindsayvanek.art@gmail.com